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Modelling of removal of surfactant micropollutant from liquid solutions in a bubble column
  • Arturo Figureoa,
  • Boris Albijanic
Arturo Figureoa
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
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Boris Albijanic
Curtin University

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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The developed models for separating micropollutant surfactants in bubble columns consider mass balance and not the adsorption thermodynamics of micropollutant surfactants on bubble surfaces. Additionally, the dramatic increase of the surface tension of diluted surfactant solutions with time during the removal of surfactant from solutions was ignored. Thus, the main objective of this work is to examine removal of surfactant micropollutants in a bubble column using a model that considers both mass balance and thermodynamics. The results showed that the removal of surfactant strongly depends on adsorption thermodynamics of surfactant on bubble surfaces particularly at a lower surfactant concentration considering that the surface tension of solutions dramatically increased during the separation process. The best separation performance was typically achieved when gas flow rates and liquid fractions were low. This work demonstrates that adsorption thermodynamics on bubble surfaces should not be ignored when modeling the removal of surfactant micropollutants from liquid.