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Revealing dynamic macroecological patterns to understand biodiversity shifts in the Anthropocene
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  • Pierre Gaüzère,
  • Cyrille Violle,
  • Franziska Schrodt,
  • Matthias Grenié,
  • Lucas Santini,
  • Mike Hedde,
  • Wilfried Thuiller,
  • Emmanuelle Porcher
Pierre Gaüzère

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Cyrille Violle
Franziska Schrodt
Matthias Grenié
Lucas Santini
Mike Hedde
Wilfried Thuiller
Emmanuelle Porcher


SAR and DDS are interlinked and governed by three proximate components acting as levers driving the dynamics of macroecological patterns 15,16 > the total numbers of individuals in communities > the distribution of abundance among species > the spatial aggregation of species and individuals